Lab mouse


White with pink ears, paws, and feet

Eye color

Light pink with black irises




A.C.M.E Labs



Voice Actor

Maurice LaMarche


The Brain is an intelligent megalomaniac gene spliced lab mouse that harbors a long-lasting desire to take over the world. He is often annoyed by Pinky's dim-witted thoughts and actions, and often thought of complicated plans to take over the world. He strongly believes he can make the world a better place. His companion is Pinky although he often gets annoyed by Pinky's actions or thoughts, sometimes both. Despite this, he has clearly shown he cares deeply for Pinky's , he just doesn't admit it very much.
The brain

In “You'll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town Again”, Brain has a wife named Sheila who apparently plays Billie. However, this episode was non-canonical and was meant to joke on the WB's petty executives. Brain is heavily based on Orson Welles, in both how he speaks and how he looks. At one point he even tried to copy Orson's infamous radio telling of War of the Worlds.

Biography Edit

Brain came into being as an ordinary mouse, but he was experimented on against his will by scientists, and his genes were spliced during an experiment. His eyes became red, his tail became rigid, and he became capable of speech and developed an incredibly high Intelligence Quotient. However, his early experiences embittered him, leaving him with one goal, to "try to" supplant politicians and rule the world unopposed. Pinky, who received similar mutations, but had little of Brain's intelligence, befriended him. The two began engaging in several schemes together, with Brain doing the thinking and Pinky carrying out several physical tasks, beginning with an (ultimately botched) attempt to put serum in pancakes, but they continually failed for a variety of reasons. In spite of his immense intelligence, Brain often tended to miss a fatal flaw or makes a small mistake that causes the plan to completely fail. Though he never admitted fault and had a habit of blaming Pinky for his failed attempts at world domination, he genuinely cared for him at times. There are a few occasions that have been completely out of his control, reasons why his plans don't work.

The closest he ever got to world domination was the Christmas special, he had managed to use Santa Claus to deliver mind control dolls to every home in the world, however when he was about to give the signal through the dolls the spirit of Christmas overtook him and instead ordered the world to have a merry Christmas before breaking into sobs.

In Wakko's Wish, he fulfilled his desire to rule the world (or at least be in charge of part of it) by being the prime minister. In the end, he planned to take over the world in the sequel. However, there was no sequel to the film.

Pinky and the Fog

Personality Edit

Brain is a power-hungry sociopath whose primary objective is to subject all things to his rule. He is sarcastic and grumpy, but he has a soft, and tender heart. He often gets aggravated at Pinky and says he's going to have to hurt him if he doesn't stop. Brain was based off of famous actors Orson Welles and Vincent Price.


He is usually seen with a Spoon on his Cheeks. He has white fur, Blue eyes, and Pink Hands.

Why does he always fail to take over the world? Edit

All of Brain's attempts to take over the world fail. There is more than one reason for this. Sometimes, he realizes a flaw in his plan that he should have realized earlier, such as in “Opportunity Knox”, where he forgot that gold is extremely heavy. Other times, Pinky screws things up, such as in “Brain Meets Brawn”, when he apologized to Brain after making a mistake. On other occasions, it's neither one of them, but something else that causes him to fail.