Pinky and the Brain Wiki


Lab mouse


White with pink ears, paws, and tail

Eye color

Light Blue with black pupils






The Brain (best friend)
Maurice the Carrot
Pharfignewton (girlfriend)
Big Jake


Narf!, Poit!, Zort!, Troz!, Fiddly-Posh!, Egad (Brain, brilliant)!, Yurt!, Merp!, Fjord!, Natch!


Rob Paulsen (1995–present)




Sancho Pinky
Admiral Pinky
Jonathan Michael Charles
3-Pinky-O (parody of C3PO)
Pinklet (parody of Piglet)
Pinky Suavo
Jergen Pinkhead
Farmer Pinky
Pinky Rodriguez
Dude Ulysses Delano Fitzgerald Milhouse Pinky
Little Pinky Flea Pie Waffle Shoe Clamhead Chris

"NARF!" - his catchphrase  

Pinky is the secondary antagonist of Animaniacs, the overall titular main protagonist of Pinky and the Brain, and Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. He's a white lab mouse with an open-minded and empathetic personality, and he is the sidekick and foil of Brain. Pinky often says random nonsense words and loves to have fun. Brain often claims Pinky to be the main cause of the downfall of his plans, although in reality many of his failures can be attributed to his own miscalculations and overconfidence.


He's loveable, sweet, friendly, open-minded and compassionate, and he is very affectionate towards his companion Brain. He's not intelligent book-wise, but he is emotionally intelligent and has a lot of knowledge of pop culture.


Pinky is an white mouse with big blue eyes and a small tuft of fur on his head. He has a severe overbite and a big, red, shiny nose. He has a long and slender body and a light pink tail. In older models his back was often bent and in both older and newer models his arms are tucked in, like real mice are when they stand on their hind legs. In the X-Ray scene his snout has a crack in it and his brain is extremely small and resembles a peanut.


"Out of curiosity, how do you know that that's your name?"

"Oh, well I answered, didn't I?"

The origin of Pinky's name was shown in Project B.R.A.I.N. Pinky's name originated when Brain stated that he had more intelligence in his little "pinkie" than the scientists at ACME Labs had in their collective brains. Pinky believed Brain was calling his name. Pinky has also stated in the episode "Leave It To Beavers" that "Knee-jerk" is his secret middle name, but it's unclear if that's true or if it's just a joke.


While Brain has an uncanny intelligence, allowing him to come up with his complicated plans for world domination, Pinky is not quite as bright . However, he has been shown to have superior survival instincts to Brain in "Welcome To The Jungle", making him the leader of the duo for most of the episode. He has also been shown to be an expert in trivia, possibly because his affinity for watching TV. Pinky has an incredibly high pain tolerance, remaining decently unharmed in comparison to Brain on multiple occasions.

Although Brain is quite smart in terms of logic, Pinky surpasses his mind when it comes to imagination. On several occasions, it has been shown that Pinky has a very active imagination. His seemingly random and nonsensical remarks have often been the inspirations for Brain's shcemes for world domination.

In one episode, Pinky is breifly shown levitating several pieces of fruit, but when Brain questions him he stops and it is never addressed again.


  • He is implied to regenerate
  • He knows the lyrics to Yakko's World in "Brain Noir"
  • He can name all of the world's cheeses
  • On several occasions, it has been indicated that Pinky has masochistic tendencies