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Lab mouse


White with pink ears, paws, and feet

Eye color





A.C.M.E Labs





Voice actor

Rob Paulsen


British (somewhat)


Pinky is a white Mouse without a open-minded personality, and he is the sidekick of Brain. Pinky often says random nonsense words. Brain often claimed Pinky to be the main failure of his plans, although in actuality failures were sometimes not Pinky's fault. 


Pinky is often silly, dumb, insane, lovable, funny, open-minded, sweet, kind-hearted, polite, sensitive, gentle, child-like, joyful, patient, naive, immature, illogically-minded, friendly, loyal and cute. Despite the pain and insults he took from his fellow roommate, he was almost always happy and giddy. However, there were a few times that these factors of the character were changed. In the episode "That Smarts" it is revealed that when he becomes very smart, Pinky's relationship with Brain loses all of its zest and it becomes boring. However, to his credit, Pinky does know all of the names to all of the world's cheeses and can even name what country produces each type of cheese, and he may know all of the countries of the world since he supposedly knows the lyrics to Yakko's World. Pinky also once almost convinced all of the rulers of their countries to hand-over their countries to Brain as part of his birthday gift (Pinky even managed to keep the secret from Brain, but it only made Brain wonder what Pinky was up to and led him to ruin his own birthday). Surprisingly, whenever Brain's intellectual methods didn't work (which was very rare), Pinky's instincts kick in and usually do a good job of guidance. There's even been a few cases where Pinky provided great useful knowledge about certain topics like comic books. In the episode titled The Pink Candidate, it showed that if Pinky were to become President of the Untied States than he would be a fair, loyal and honest leader. This loyalty to Brain has also shown itself in many other cases. An example of Pinky's loyalty to Brain would be found in the episode "Snowball" where Brain's enemy Snowball tried to sway Pinky into believing that Brain was just using him. Pinky however, was not convinced and refused to believe Snowball (until Brain sarcastically remarked that he was using Pinky).          


Pinky is a white mice, just like Brain. His eyes are large and blue and he has a pink tail, and a red piggy-like nose. He also has a white skin, pinky paws, and toes.


"Out of curiosity, how do you know that that's your name?"

"Oh, well I answered, didn't I?"

The origin of Pinky's name was shown in Project B.R.A.I.N. Pinky's name originated from Brain stating that he had more intelligence in his little "pinkie" than the scientists at ACME Labs had in their collective brains. Pinky believed Brain was calling his name. Pinky has also stated in the episode Leave It To Beavers that Knee-jerk is his secret middle name, but it's unclear if that's true or if it's just a joke.

Abilities Edit

While Brain has the uncanny intelligence that allows him to calculate many things to help him achieve his goal of world domination, Pinky cannot do that. He has been shown to have superior instincts to Brain in Welcome To The Jungle, making him the leader of the duo for most of the episode. Pinky has an incredibly high pain tolerance, remaining decently unharmed in comparison to Brain on multiple occasions.

Although Brain is quite smart in terms of logic, Pinky surpasses his mind in terms of imagination. Many occasions have shown that Pinky has a very active imagination, which is partially the reason why he is never pondering what Brain is pondering. His seemingly random and nonsensical remarks have caused Brain to think of a new plan to take over the world on multiple occasions.