Brain and Larry

Pinky & The Brain...and Larry is an episode of Pinky and the Brain and Larry's debut. As usual Pinky and The Brain try to take over the world, but this time Larry helps.



Pinky and the Brain (and Larry, a parody of Larry Fine of the Three Stooges whose presence is never explained but may have something to do with voice actor Maurice LaMarche's nickname "Moe", is awkwardly worked into the show's routines and dialogue, and doesn't actually contribute to the plan) develop a formula for the Synchrono Plastic Remote Controller, which was intended to control garage door openers so that people will be forced to use bikes and the petroleum industry will be ruined. Unfortunately, a gyroscopic transducer chip is needed to complete the device, so Pinky, Brain, and Larry pose as wallpaper hangers in the White House in order for Brain to get close to the President. Things quickly descend into Stooge madness until a butler throws them out due to the presence of three wallpaper hangers. Back at the lab, Brain works out the problem with their teamwork, seeing that there's a Yin & Yang but no Larry. Larry decides to change his name to Art (a reference to Art Garfunkel, whose hair is similar to that of the Three Stooge's Larry) and leaves in a huff at the end of the episode to become a singer and performs the song The Smells of Loudness, a direct shout out to The Sound of Silence, with Paul Simon, only to have another mouse named Zeppo come in again at the very end.