Wakko Warner is one of the 3 Warner Siblings, and the middle child of them, being older than Dot and younger than Yakko.

Full Name: Wakko Warner

First Episode: Star Warners

Voice Actor: Jess Harnell

Catchphrases: "Hello Nurse!", "Faboo!"

Wakko is the polite but physical of the Warner trio. He is the most unpredictable Warner, which is quite an achievement. He is rarely seen without his hat, and he's the only Warner who wears a shirt.

In the only Pinky and The Brain episode he non-cameo appears in, he takes on the role of Wak Skylicker, a parody of Luke Skywalker. Instead of the Force, he has "the face", which is just his gookie. Instead of a Lightsaber, he has a laser mallet. Despite being a parody, he still maintains his personality in the episode.

Link on page The Feebles. Hint on him, he's in " Star Warners."