Yakko Warner is one of the 3 primary protagonists in Animaniacs and the oldest of the Warner siblings. He is 14 years old, as said in an interview with Tom Ruegger himself.

Full Name: Yakko Warner

First Episode: Star Warners

Voice Actor: Rob Paulsen

Catchphrases: "Hello Nurse!!" "Good night, everybody." "Uuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh..." "Our new friend!"

Yakko, as his name implies, is the most talkative and quick-witted of the Warner siblings. He's also the tallest as well as oldest. He is also like a father and big brother to Wakko and Dot.

In the only Pinky and The Brain episode he non-cameo appears in, he is referred to as Yak Soho, a parody of Han Solo. Despite this, he still retains his personality.